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Some Bowen Family Systems Questions and Responses

photoHow often do you try to change someone else?

If as a rule of thumb 99.9% of the time most of us work to change the other, what does it take to understand that the only person that you can change is yourself?

Are you aware of shifts in your feeling states in the presence of three people?

Triangles in relationships are a part of life. What does it take to be more neutral in the push and pull of this emotional system?

What would it take to sit with one's anxiety rather than passing it along to someone else?

Anxiety is a life force. The challenge is to recognize and modify one's instinctual set point for tolerance of anxiety.

How much time do you spend thinking about the emotional impact of your mother and father on your life?

Understanding past patterns helps you manage present and future significant relationships.

When you get upset with family members, do you have a tendency to emotionally or physically cut off?

What would it take for you to remain present and accounted for in the relationship between you and the other?

What kind of thoughts do you have about your birth order?

Sibling position can shape characteristics and influence functioning.

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