The Princeton Family Center for Education offers training programs in Bowen family systems theory for professionals and non-professionals.

About Us

photoAbout Us

The Princeton Family for Education, Inc., was established in 1987 to provide a regional postgraduate training program in Bowen family systems theory, a body of knowledge that endeavors to move the understanding of human behavior toward science.

Dr. Murray Bowen, originator of the theory and founder of the Georgetown Family Center in 1967, was a teacher and trainer at the Princeton Family Center from 1987 until shortly before his death in 1990.

In 1990 the Princeton Family Center for Education secured status as a nonprofit 501(3) (c) educational institution to teach Bowen theory to members of professional disciplines, organizational leaders and members of the general public. These learning opportunities are provided through a training program, a community course, and webcasting seminars.

Mission Statement

The Princeton Family Center for Education, Inc., is dedicated to the teaching of Bowen Natural Systems Theory. Operating in accordance with the principles of this theory, the Center strives to represent this theoretical perspective to all interested individuals.

The fundamental assumption of this body of knowledge is that the human and the human family are a part of all nature on our planet. With knowledge from the natural sciences and an understanding of patterns of emotional forces that exist in all life forms, the concepts of Bowen theory guide thoughtful choices and responsible actions. Thus, Bowen theory provides the opportunity for principled direction for higher functioning for the individual, the family and the organization.

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